Document Management Software

document management software

Disaster-Proof Your Business And Save On Storage Costs With Our HIPAA Compliant Document Management Software

How much time have you wasted searching for paper files and folders? How much do you spend on physical document storage each month? Does your business have an IT disaster recovery plan in place? Get on the path to a paperless office with iDocsNOW electronic document management software.

Increase Productivity

Studies have shown that up to 50% of a professional’s time is spent simply looking for a file or document. With iDocsNOW document management software, you can create a central repository for ALL of your records. iDocsNOW allows you to manage your paper as well as electronic documents, including emails and faxes. And all of your documents are keyword searchable and indexed, allowing for simple retrieval.

Establish an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Scan and store all of your important business paperwork into iDocsNOW where it will be encrypted and safely stored at two locations in the U.S. In the event of a fire or natural disaster, all of your documents are accessible online, preventing business interruption. Online access provides another benefit: 24/7 access to all of your data no matter where you are, allowing you to support remote employees.


  • Save Time – Minimize time spent filing or retrieving paper files.  Access stored files from any computer with Internet access.  Find documents you need based on indexes or keyword searches.
  • Save Money – Minimize the need for physical file cabinets and off-site storage.  Reduce postage, paper, mailing, toner cartridge, and courier expenses.
  • Streamline your medical operations – iDocsNOW easily integrates with billing software and other office applications for increased efficiency.  Annotate individual pages and instantly send to coder or biller for faster claims workflow.  Automatically back-up all of your data, track all activity by user and document, and eliminate the need for an IT staff or costly servers to maintain onsite.