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Searching For EHR Software That Thinks Like a Doctor Because It Was Designed By Doctors?

Your EHR Software Search Is Over.

There are a lot of EHR software systems available today. Not all are optimized for iPad. Fewer EHR systems are customizable. Virtually none were designed by physicians. Except for EMRx.

Many EHR systems are a “one-size fits all” design, but not EMRx. Our EHR software allows you to modify many button titles to match your unique office vernacular, so EMRx talks like you talk. But the EMRx advantage doesn’t end there. EMRx also contains customized clinical content written by practicing physicians from many different specialties. This allows you not only to have customizable EHR software, but an EHR with clinical content and workflows for your particular specialty of medicine. So, EMRx thinks like you think, too.

With EMRx, you’ll get 24/7 access to all of your data in real-time. Take actual patient photos like the one above, draw on them if you like, and make them part of the patient chart to track treatment progress.  You can even e-prescribe from your smart phone with full access to the patient chart and scheduler.  Reduce calls back from the pharmacy with formulary information from the patients prescription insurance as well!


Just some of the features of our EHR software include:

Customizable with clinical content written by practicing specialists

Full integration with our PM/billing software and clearinghouse

Cloud-based system. No servers to buy or maintain

24/7 access to all of your data

iPad optimized, but works equally well with any tablet, PC, or laptop

Lifetime training, support, and software updates included

Here are just a few of the specialties that EMRx is ideal for:



Family Practice


Internal Medicine


Nurse Practitioner


Pain Management




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