Audit Prep and Protection

Full Preparation For RAC Audits or MIC Audits

When a RAC Auditor or MIC auditor performs an audit of your practice, they have full reign of all of your charts, documentation, and billing information (similar to an IRS audit). And because they are paid a percentage of the monies that they recoup for the government, you know that they will make ANY and ALL efforts to find as many discrepancies as possible.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to maintain the highest level of compliance while actually INCREASING your reimbursement rates? How would you like to enjoy the feeling of knowing that your practice is fully prepared for RAC audits or MIC audits?

You can with our comprehensive AuditGuard service.

Solutions From The Nation’s Finest Coders

All of our coders have at least 3 years of coding experience in your particular specialty. In addition, all of our coders are credentialed by either AHIMA or AAPC. Couple our coders experience and expertise with a proprietary system for checking your claims against millions of rules and edits, and it is clear to see that there is no better solution available.

Trust AuditGuard to provide you the best possible recommendations and solutions to have you fully RAC and MIC audit ready.

How AuditGuard Works

  1. 35-50 charts are pulled, scanned, and securely sent to our team of certified coders
  2. Our certified coders review the documentation and coding
  3. An audit report is generated. Our representative will share a copy of the audit report with your practice and go over recommendations and corrections

Benefits Of Using AuditGuard

  • Pre-audit review indentifies areas of non-compliance and/or billing errors
  • Offers corrective actions for compliance and reducing audit risk
  • Improves reimbursement by identifying areas of underbilling
  • Offers optional continuing education programs that ensure the Provider is meeting documentation requirements