About Our Services

Why We Are Not Your Typical Medical Billing Services Provider


Our Staff

We were founded by practicing and former medical professionals, coming from the pharmacy, dental, and practice management fields. So, we understand personally the demands and pressures that are placed upon you to run a successful practice. Our goal is to provide nothing short of the best possible medical billing services in Fort Wayne, Columbus, and Toledo, and our passion is working with you optimize the financial health of your practice.  We have the knowledge, training, and resources to take care of the “business” side of your practice so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Of course, we have certified billers and coders on staff, so you can trust that your billing is being handled by experts every step of the way. And if you choose to outsource your billing to us, you will get a dedicated biller for your account.


Customized Plans For Your Practice

All of our services, including our EHR and medical billing services, can be used separately or together. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility for selecting only the products and services that best suit your particular practice.

Your success is our success, so we only want to provide those products and services that improve your efficiency and bottom line.

Our Promise

We want to partner with you to make your practice as healthy as you make your patients. We don’t get paid until you do, so we are driven to help optimize the financial health of your practice. Unlike a lot of other medical billing services, you are always paid directly from the insurance companies. We will never handle your money for you.

All of our resources, training and support are located in the U.S. In addition, training and support are unlimited, and all software upgrades are included.

All of our systems (including our clearinghouse) are ICD-10 ready, our EHR has been Stage 2 Certified since June of 2013, and of course we are fully HIPAA compliant, so you can expect some of the best and innovative software available on the market.

Contact us today and let us show you why we are one of the premier medical billing services in Fort Wayne, Columbus, and Toledo!